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Enterprise Product Developer

Reports to: ERP Product Lead

Salary: -- KES Net


1. Contractual Annual bonuses.
2. Professional & Software biased certifications.
3. Training and personal development assistance.
4. Medical cover.

Role Summary

Enterprise product developers aim to support the product development team by reviewing, analyzing and modifying enterprise software systems. Their duties include coding, testing, and debugging applications for different clients or products and are also required to customize, integrate software to meet client or product requirements and maintain technical documentation for the same. They also need to ensure that the documentation is maintained and updated promptly to keep up with any changes. ERP developers are responsible for the design and development of application business logic to help clients in achieving ERP product deliverables.


The core of this job is to work with customers to implement ERP and related software solutions and you will be responsible for providing business and application consultancy to clients throughout the implementation process.

▪ Develop stable, robust, and elegant software products.
▪ Defining and documenting ERP and related software systems requirements to be used in the implementation process.
▪ Identifying opportunities to improve the utilization of the solution and enhancing the acceptance of ERP and related software solutions.
▪ Be Client facing and help with onsite implementations during Go Live phases, otherwise the developer is expected to work from the office.
▪ Will work with internal teams (process teams e.g., QA/QC and project teams e.g., implementation consultants to analyse, and document software solution requirements and will include interfacing with clients and business sponsors to enable quality delivery of software solutions. This will include but not limited to performing internal system walkthroughs/demos and system testing sessions.
▪ Participate in code review sessions with their technical leads or product heads, to showcase their system designs, code implementation etc.
▪ Adopt and practise agile product delivery by effectively participating in agile software development such as user story identifications, daily stand-ups, sprint backlog management, sprint reviews
▪ Covering, trailing, and communicating statuses and matters depending on the software development tasks issued by the product heads
▪ Work with the process team to come up with user help manuals, product release documentation, test scripts, issue resolution logs and other related product documentation

Technical Qualifications

▪ Ability to carry out ERP and related software systems presentations confidently and persuasively, highlighting the capabilities of the system.
▪ Experience working collaboratively using version control systems (Git/GitHub).
▪ Working and proven DevOps knowledge including CI/CD, Containers, cloud servers.
▪ Strong working experience using project management tools such as Jira, Slack.
▪ Experience as an enterprise software developer, with proven technical ability to deliver working, maintainable and elegant code.
▪ Certifications to prove knowledge in ERP software development and delivery.
▪ Strong understanding of project and product life cycles especially using an agile management process.
▪ Experienced in web API usage and development and a strong knowledge in system integrations.

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