Healthcare Practise

Empower your healthcare teams into a digital eco system by connecting clinical and operational data. Provide real time, accurate and comprehensive view of your patients. Provide powerful insights into your healthcare service. Connect your service delivery to payers, external care providers, regulators, vendors, and other stakeholders with a unified flow of patient and financial data. 

Optimize finances, inventory, infrastructural resources thRough effective planning, monitoring and allocation.


Keep students focused on learning and increase collaboration, skills, and independence. Automate and coordinate recruitment and enrollment across multiple channels. Empower educators to save time and effort on all operations, from lesson planning to tracking grades. Equip administrators with the tools for effective, predictable, and reliable service delivery. Proactively and securely manage student lifecycles from application to graduation. 

Bring efficiency into financial management.


Drive digital government transformation in the public sector and enhance service delivery. Empower public workers through secure cloud ready and mobile tools. Connect citizens, employees, organizations via modern technologies. Track and manage public spending from budgeting, requisitions to expenditure. Receive and track public concerns to increase and exceed expectations. 

Manage projects from planning to execution to closure, offering visibility and accountability.


Adopt technology that transforms your operations and provide a 360-degree view of plant operations. Identify and prevent inefficiency through real time performance indicators. Strengthen you supply chain and make better decisions of input and output requirements. Remove manual processes and empower your workforce to focus on quality and innovation. Collect and analyze data to reveal opportunity, enhance safety and increase compliance. 

From production, to sales, to warehouse, to distribution, to maintenance and back-office operations.

Funding and Non-Profit

Create more impact by increasing the engagement between your donors, beneficiaries, operations, and managers. Simplify compliance and reporting by adopting powerful and integrated systems. Optimize operational costs by giving your team accessible, secure, and agile digital tools. Visualize your data based on budgets and milestone. 

Enable objectivity and intelligence when measuring your impact.

Sales and Logistics

Achieve an agile supply chain and logistics business that can respond to dynamics markets. Gain planning agility to fulfill customer demand. Predict demand and plan supply and production in near-real time, ensuring the right resources and inventory are in the right place. Improve delivery through advanced analytics to optimize and automate inventory, warehousing, fulfillment, sales, budgeting, and administration. 

Reduce fleet downtime and improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Associations and Membership

Equip your organization to deliver on its mandate. Through digital service delivery and powerful self-service, increase the reach and impact of your organization. Reduce friction in the onboarding and management process while increasing insights into the needs of your members. 

Automate and link your operations to allow you to focus on improved service delivery and improving the quality of your services.

Credit and Leasing

Simplify your lending and leasing operations with an integrated solution. Reduce costly inefficiencies. Automated workflows deliver speedy disbursements and repayments. Track critical indicators and highlight opportunity and manage risks. Track leased assets from installation to de-commissioning. 

Manage asset recovery and associated costs.
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